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Valuations for Insurance

It is extremely important for your Art, Antiques and Collectables to be inspected and accurately valued for insurance. Overvalued items can be problematic as they cause higher premiums and disputed claims. Undervalued items result in financial loss.

An insurance value is essentially the cost of replacing your Art, Antiques or Collectables from an art dealer or retail outlet. It is customary to regularly review insurance valuations for peace-of-mind and accurate premiums. We offer a valuation review service, which keeps your valuation up-to-date in light of current market trends.

Our fees are charged per expert per day and never as percentage values. Our insurance valuations are accepted by insurers worldwide and throughout the industry.



Valuations for Auction

If you wish to sell your Art, Antiques or Collectables at auction or through private treaty, it is highly recommended to have an unbiased valuation before you begin the process. This allows you to approach the market with confidence once you have decided on your chosen selling platform.

Valuations for auction – also known as an Open or Fair Market Value – is the price something would be expected to achieve on the open market in an auction or through private sale.

We are not an auction house, which means we can offer impartial and reliable advice for auction and private sale. With other leading auction houses, you may find they will only value higher value items that they wish to sell. As we have no thresholds we are able to value your entire collection and catalogue it together in a professionally bound document making the process as easy as possible for you.

Once your valuation is complete, you will never be obliged to sell your property. We offer an Art Advisory service, suggesting where to sell your property based on value and the particular auction’s success rate. It is perfectly normal to divide a collection between several auction rooms to give property the best possible chance.