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Paolo Buffa

Italian, b. 1903

Recognized as one of the most lively and prolific Italian architects of the early twentieth century, Paolo Buffa is something of an exception.
An understudy of Gio Ponti, and an early collaborator with A. Cassi Ramelli, Buffa was predominantly a furniture and interiors designer, and was for years considered one of the most important of Milan’s many architects.

A significant contributor to the influential Domus design and architecture magazine, and a participating guest to the early Triennale exhibitions, his designs encompass the evolution of the trends of the period.

Known for the quality of their execution, Buffa’s furniture was much admired by a particularly wealthy stratum of the bourgeoisie, whose desire for houses furnished in a style that they considered functional and modern would always prove his default client base.

With designs that seem to combine traditional, modern and futuristic elements, Buffa is seen as a kind of maverick to the present day, and his work remains highly collectable.

Paolo Buffa

Products designed by Paolo Buffa: