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Maison Jansen

Maison Jansen was one of the most influential design firms of the 20th Century. Maison Jansen was a Paris-based interior design firm that provided fabulous interiors, furniture, lighting and accessories for over a Century. Maison Jansen was the first International design firm, serving clients in Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East by 1900. By the 1920s, Maison Jansen had offices around the world including, London, New York, Buenos Aires, Havana, Cairo, Prague, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro. Maison Jansen was founded in 1880 by Dutch-born Jean-Henri Jansen (1854-1928) and continued in practice until 1989.

From its beginnings Maison Jansen combined traditional furnishings with influences of new trends including Anglo-Japanese style, the Arts and Crafts movement, and Turkish style. The firm paid great attention to historical research with which it attempted to balance clients' desires for livable, usable, and often dramatic space. Within ten years the firm had become a major purchaser of European antiques, and by 1890 had established an antiques gallery as a separate firm that acquired and sold antiques to Jansen's clients and its competitors as well.

Throughout the firm's history, it employed a traditional style drawing upon European design, but influence of contemporary trends including the Vienna Secession, Modernism, and Art Deco has also appeared in Jansen interiors and in much of the custom furniture the firm produced between 1920 and 1950.

Under Boudin's leadership, Maison Jansen provided services to the royal families of Belgium, Iran, and Serbia; Elsie de Wolfe, the German Reichsbank during the period of National Socialism; and Lady Olive Baillie's Leeds Castle in Kent, England. The firm's most published work was a project by Boudin and Paul Manno, the head of Jansen's New York office, for the U.S. White House during the administration of John F. Kennedy. At the same time, Jansen completed the interior of the motor yacht Chambel IV, now renamed NorthWind II. Northwind II is one of the few remaining complete Jansen commissions.

Maison Jansen

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