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Higgins Studio

Higgins Studio refers to any piece of art glass or fused glass fashioned by Michael and Frances Higgins, of Chicago, Illinois, USA, during the last half of the 20th century. Their work combines a Kandinsky style visual aesthetic with an emphasis on functionality of the finished pieces.

The glass is especially prized for two reasons: first, its distinctive aesthetic virtue, and second, the uniqueness of the fused glass processes first developed and used by the Higgins.

Michael and Frances Higgins founded the Higgins Studio, home of “modern miracles with everyday glass” in 1948. Today, the miracles continue, under the leadership of the Higgins’ chosen successors, Louise and Jonathan Wimmer.

Michael and Frances Higgins, who met at the Chicago Institute of Design, were pioneers in the rediscovery and refinement of the ancient art of glass fusing. The Higgins name received national exposure through Dearborn’s extensive, and heavily promoted, line of “Higginsware”.

Higgins Studio

Products designed by Higgins Studio: