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Gio Ponti

Italian, 1891-1979

Gio Ponti is often cited as the Father of Modern Italian Design. An accomplished architect, he designed the Pirelli Tower in Milan, the city's first skyscraper and, until recently, Italy's tallest building. Among the highlights of a career that spanned over 50 years are his elegant ceramic designs for Richard Ginori in the 1920s and beautiful coloured glassware for Venini in the 1940s. He was also the founder of the highly influential architecture and design magazine, Domus, first published in 1928, and was its editor for the best part of 50 years. Ponti produced a wide range of furniture designs, enjoying a fruitful collaboration with Piero Fornasetti in the 1950s, and is perhaps best known for his “Superleggera” chair, which provided a new perspective on traditional Italian country furniture.

Viewing the immense body of creative work Gio Ponti left to the world, one might wonder if the man ever slept. His daughter, Lisa, once estimated her father squeezed sixty hours worth of work into a single day.
His unique designs still have relevance today, as the originals are considered valuable collectors’ items and some creations are continually re-issued by various manufacturers. His legacy is one that spans two centuries, and will certainly continue to influence artists and designers well into the future.

Gio Ponti

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