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Founded in 1932

Founded in 1932 by Luigi Fontana, owner of an important glass manufacturing company, and Gio’ Ponti, FontanaArte immediately set out upon a well-defined path of research: use new languages to express the potential of a material like glass, whose identity had been completely transformed thanks to the technical possibilities offered by modern industry.

Continually experimenting with new ways of defining contemporary decoration, Gio’ Ponti found in Pietro Chiesa the perfect travelling companion. Together, the two rapidly turned FontanaArte into one of the most important players in the elaboration of early modernity for Italian home furnishing accessories.

Furniture, ornaments, artistic products, mirrors, lamps: FontanaArte produced items for the whole house. Ponti and Chiesa seemed particularly interested in the constant dialogue between shapes, techniques and traditional processes with innovation and the possibilities offered by large-scale industrial production. It was a constant, in-depth exchange of ideas that formed the roots and the very identity of the company.

The eighties were a crucial decade for FontanaArte. It was without doubt a period of unequalled creativity, which permanently positioned the company as one of the absolute protagonists of Italian and international design. These were also however the years that marked a definite shift towards the lighting sector, with efforts made in parallel towards the technological implications of design. Symbolic in this sense was the encounter between FontanaArte and Piero Castiglioni, one of the first to investigate the industrial potential of halogen sources.                                               

In 2012 FontanaArte celebrated its eightieth anniversary and in the same year the artistic direction was entrusted to Giorgio Biscaro. Biscaro, returning to the origins of the lesson by Gio ́ Ponti on the home that lives, and backed by the glorious history of FontanaArte, directed the new collection of lamps presented at Euroluce 2013. A collection that is the result of collaboration with a new generation of international designers and the use of non-conventional materials for FontanaArte, but above all which pays special attention to the interaction between the person and light.