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Etling Paris

"ETLING PARIS" was founded in 1909 by Edmond Laurent Etling when he launched his shop in Paris on the "Rude de Paradis No. 29". In that time you could buy from that shop the most exclusive art objects designed by talented designers and architects.  Etling represented world famous sculptors and architects as Dimitri Chiparus, A. Godard, Claire-Jean Roberte Colinet, Lucille Sevin and her husband Jean Theodore Delabassé, Gazan, Georges Béal, Maurice Guiraud-Rivière and Marcel Guillard. These artisans were all leading members of the French modern art of that time and by creating ideal circumstances for them, Etling played a significant role in the style, which later became known as art deco.

A special role in the Etling business was played by Marcel Guillard. His Parisian atelier was well known for it's outstanding glass and ceramics, and many of the earlier named artisans used his knowledge and workplace to produce their art objects (all the shown images were made there). The atelier-mark of Guillard was put on the objects and the Etling mark ("Editions Etling Paris") as well and the artists signature. The name of Marcel Guillard as artist is also connected to the another famous editor in Paris, named "Robj".

Etling Paris

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