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Bernhard Rohne

German, b. 1944

Bernhard Rohne is a world-renowned sculptor and furniture designer; he was born in Peine, Germany and emigrated to his current home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1967.

His career as an artist began in 1965, with an accident in art school. In chemistry class, he chose a project in which he immersed a small painted copperplate in a vat of acid. After some hours, he noticed some peculiar yellow clouds in the classroom and the entire department had to be evacuated. Later, he learned that those clouds were very toxic.

On further examination, the situation had resulted in something that got his attention. The very hot reaction of the acid on the metal plate had created an interesting deep structure and gestalt. He had suddenly and unexpectedly entered a marriage-like relationship between metal and his imagination.

His primary mediums are copper, brass, aluminum and zinc metal sheets, which he etches and oxidizes. From there he creates decorative panels, furniture and accessories, especially for Mastercraft Furniture Co., throughout the 1970s.
His subject is primarily abstract.

Bernhard Rohne

Products designed by Bernhard Rohne: